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Lead Generation

Business Insurance lead generation and lead nurturing programs offer cost-effective marketing options to identify quality sales leads. Customize a program to help grow a database with top-of-the-funnel lead generation, or implement end-to-end sales funnel marketing tactics that convert qualified raw leads into ready-to-purchase buyers.

A custom landing page and registration funnel are created specifically for each campaign. A sponsor can create custom questions within the registration form to further qualify registrants. Lead gen assets are promoted within targeted emails and placement on other relevant online channels, newsletters, and related digital assets.


Assets are promoted to relevant targets across multiple platforms

Prospects engage with relevant content

A prospect clicks on sponsor messages

BI presents a customized landing page for content with custom registration fields

An engagement rating* is calculated for that lead

BI delivers the leads and engagement rating to the customer

* The BI engagement rating is based on an exclusive measure of interaction with Business Insurance content such as articles, webinars, white papers and events. The engagement rating helps prioritize highly engaged prospects.

Sponsor assets suggested are white papers and webinars. Promotional marketing includes targeted custom emails and placements on and respective newsletters.


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